DnB采样 - Test Press TeeBee Subterranean DnB Vol.2 [WAV]

DnB采样 - Test Press TeeBee Subterranean DnB Vol.2 [WAV]

D&B传奇人物TeeBee放弃了他的“ Subrumnean Drum&Bass”系列的第二部分Subterranean Drum&Bass Vol.2。


Torgeir Byrknes,以他的艺名Teebee而闻名,是挪威DJ以及鼓和贝斯的制作人。他还经营唱片公司Subtitles Recordings。 TeeBee于1990年开始DJ,并于1996年发行了他的第一张唱片。他于2001年获得《知识杂志》的最佳国际制作人奖。


TeeBee的音乐的特点是强烈的黑暗和未来派科幻小说影响。 TeeBee材料可以被归类为Neurofunk或techstep,尽管与该子类型相比,它具有更深的环境和大气质量。特别是他的早期作品,尤其是您可以在ttded.com上查看更多。欠了Photek公认的风格债务,他最初主要与Choice 18唱片公司联系在一起,与Photek,Klute和挪威的Polar人一起。在折叠Cert 18以使所有者能够发布其他音乐流派之后,他与Polar一起创建了标签Subtitles。


TeeBee与Calyx携手合作,于2007年发行了首张联合专辑《 Anatomy》,获得了广泛好评。2012年,他们二人独家与Andy C的Ram Records签约,发行了屡获殊荣的专辑《 All or Nothing》,并获得了推动他们在电子音乐世界中处于精英地位。



D&B legend TeeBee drops his ‘Subterranean Drum & Bass’ series’s second installment Subterranean Drum & Bass Vol.2.


Torgeir Byrknes, better known by his stage name Teebee, is a Norwegian DJ and drum and bass producer. He also runs the record label Subtitles Recordings. TeeBee began DJing in 1990 and released his first record in 1996. He won the Knowledge Magazine award for Best International Producer in 2001.


TeeBee’s music is characterized by an intense dark and futuristic science-fiction influence. TeeBee material could be classed as Neurofunk or techstep, although possessing a deeper ambient and atmospheric quality than much of this subgenre. His early work, in particular, You can view more on ttded.com.owes an acknowledged stylistic debt to Photek, and he was initially primarily associated with the Certificate 18 record label, alongside Photek, Klute and fellow Norwegian Polar. Following the folding of Cert 18 to enable the owner to release other music genres, he, along with Polar, created the label Subtitles.


TeeBee joined forces with Calyx, self-releasing their first joint album ‘Anatomy’ to critical acclaim in 2007. In 2012 the duo signed exclusively to Andy C’s Ram Records, releasing ‘All or Nothing’, a multi-award winning album that has propelled them to elite status within the electronic music world.


The collection comes jam-packed with loops and one-shots. Included are funky breaks and shuffle loops, full D&B and Halftime drum loops, percussion shuffles and rolling hats, moody analogue style atmosphere pad and string loops, sci-fi-style FX and sequence loops, intro-style drone loops, sub-shaking basslines with vicious timbres and fierce overdriven tones, multi-sampled bass one-shots processed with outboard hardware to add that extra bit of oomph, drum one-shots and more.


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